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Bob Livengood
President, San Jose-Evergreen
College District Board
Former three-term Mayor of Milpitas


Jeff Rosen
District Attorney
Santa Clara County


Sam Liccardo
Mayor, San Jose

Armando Corpuz.jpg

Armando Corpuz
Former Milpitas
Chief of Police

Lily Mei crop.jpg

Lilly Mei
Mayor, Fremont

Hung Wei.jpg

Hung Wei
City Council, Cupertino

Teresaa Keng crop.jpeg

Teresa Keng
City Council, Fremont


Kelly Yip Chuan
Milpitas School Board

Debbie Indihar Giordano
Former Member Milpitas
City Councill

Chris Norwood  crop1.jpg

Chris Norwood
Milpitas School Board


Anna Eshoo

California 18th Congressional District

Minh crop 2.jpg

Minh Ngo
Milpitas School Board

Marsha Grilli.jpg

Marsha Grilli
Former Vice-Mayor, Milpitas

Bob Nunez
Former Vice-Mayor, Milpitas

Francis Rojas.jpg

Francis Rojas
Former Principal
Milpitas High School

Diana Orlando crop.png

Diana Orlando

"Hon Lien is the standout candidate in the field of seven candidates. She is serving her second term on the Milpitas Unified board and has been a member of the Milpitas Planning Commission and the Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Commission. Her knowledge of Milpitas’ financial and housing challenges surpasses the other candidates, and she has a reputation of working well with others, which would be a welcome addition to the City Council."

San Jose Mercury News

" It’s a pleasure to endorse you for the Milpitas City Council.

As someone who served in local government for many years, I take pride in the high quality of our public officials in the Bay Area. You’re part of a fine tradition and I know you will make a significant difference for our community."

Anna Eshoo, Congresswoman California's 18th Congressional District

"The Milpitas Police Officers Association is pleased to announce the endorsement of Hon Lien for Milpitas City Council.  We have dedicated our lives to serving the City of Milpitas and look forward to collaborating with Hon to keep our city headed in the right direction."

Milpitas Police Officer's Association

"Her consistent and long-term focus on working with disadvantaged youth and their family is admirable."

Jeff Rosen, District Attorney Santa Clara County

"I had the privilege of working with Hon Lien as she served on the Milpitas Unified School District's Board of Education, she served on the Milpitas Rotary Club, and the countless volunteer hours throughout the City of Milpitas.  I know Hon to be an experienced, hardworking, and intelligent individual that is committed to improving Milpitas.  If elected, I am confident that she would serve our Milpitas residents with the highest level of integrity, diligence, and care.  It is my privilege to Support Hon Lien for Milpitas City Council."

Armando Corpuz, Former Milpitas Chief of Police

"We thought you were an exceptional candidate and we think you will be a successful council member".

Santa Clara County Association of Realtors

"Hon Lien is a well-experienced leader in our Milpitas Community who leads with integrity and compassion for those she serves.  During her time on our school board, she supported administrators, teachers, staff, and students by genuinely listening to our concerns, advocating for those in need, working side-by-side with us, and celebrating together our accomplishments.  I truly believe Hon will continue to be the leader that our community needs on the City Council."

Francis Rojas, Former Principal Milpitas High School

"Hon's passion for supporting non-profit organizations and hands-on volunteering exemplifies the core values of our community."

Hung Wei, City Council Cupertino

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